2pm: Soccer tournament kickoff. Two 45mins games simultaneously
4pm: Second first round games kickoff . Two 45mins games simultaneously
6pm: End of first day games.
****(Half time performance slots available)****
8pm – 2am: Live Performances from performing artists and dance groups both local and international. Live comedy.
2am – 5am – Official After Party

10am – 11:30am: Beauty and Fashion Conference featuring demonstrations and presentations from renown and well established Cameroonian and other African beauty brands. It will also feature make-up brands from both within the United States and internationally.

11:45am – 1:30am: Business Conference and Seminar. This will feature some of Cameroon and Africa’s top entrepreneurs and business owners, company representatives and other guest speakers. It will a include question and answer sessions, light refreshments and interaction opportunities between aspiring entrepreneurs and some of Africa’s most successful business people and other great minds.

1pm – 3pm: Soccer tournament semi finals kickoff (Special Half-time performance).

3pm – 5pm: Soccer tournament finals and trophy ceremony (Special Half-time performance). 


8pm: Runway and fashion show by 10 Top Cameroonian brands and designers and unto 5 other top renown and recognized African designers.

10pm: Movie premier.

11:30pm- 2am: live comedy and live performances and gala.

2am – 6am: Official after party with all the celebrities and important personalities

3pm – 8pm: COOKOUT ***FREE BARBECUE*** –

Daytime outdoor performances by guest artists and appearance of numerous artists, actors, professional athletes and much more at cookout. 

10PM : Official sendoff party special artist performances.