At JAVAFEST, we pride ourselves on being different from other conferences by adhering to our founding principles. Here’s how JAVAFEST stands out:

  1. Inclusive and Free: We believe that participation in a technology conference should not be limited by financial constraints. Unlike other conferences that require attendees to pay a conference fee, JAVAFEST is an invite-only, free conference. We prioritize passion, interest, and commitment, ensuring that anyone with a genuine desire to learn and contribute can attend.
  2. Community-Driven Sessions: At JAVAFEST, the content of our sessions is not determined solely by speakers or the conference committee. We value the input and preferences of our community members. We engage with Java User Groups (JUG) across India, including engineers from leading companies such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Redhat, Salesforce, Jetbrains, and more. By actively involving the community, we ensure that the topics discussed at JAVAFEST align with the interests and needs of our attendees.
  3. Embracing Research and Academic Participation: We recognize that technology conferences shouldn’t be limited to working professionals alone. JAVAFEST aims to create a platform that fosters collaboration between professionals, students, researchers, and academics. We believe that incorporating diverse perspectives and encouraging research-based discussions can fuel innovation and push the boundaries of Java-related knowledge.

At JAVAFEST, our primary focus is on community empowerment, knowledge sharing, and networking. We strive to bridge the gap between professionals and students, promote inclusivity, and provide a platform where participants can contribute and learn from each other. By adhering to these founding principles, we differentiate ourselves from other conferences and create a unique experience for all attendees.