Reinvent Your Career and Overcome the Challenges of Recession

In times of recession, it’s crucial to adapt and reinvent ourselves to navigate the changing job market. At #javafest, we understand the impact of the current #economicimpact on professionals like you.

With “#recession Classes,” we offer a comprehensive program that combines free training and placement assistance, led by industry expert Raghavan alias Saravanan Muthu, Big Data Engineer®, CSM®, CSPO®, CAL®. Here’s what this initiative entails: The initiative is subject to availability and limited slots. You can tag anyone who needs help.

1️⃣ #reimagine Your #career : Embrace this opportunity to reimagine your career trajectory and explore new possibilities. “Recession Classes” will equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to adapt to the changing job landscape.

2️⃣ Free Training Sessions: Participate in expert-led training sessions focused on cutting-edge technologies and in-demand skills. Our curriculum is carefully designed to provide you with the relevant knowledge and empower you to thrive in the post-recession job market.

3️⃣ #placementassistance : Gain access to invaluable placement assistance, including resume enhancement, interview preparation, and exclusive networking opportunities. We are committed to connecting you with potential employers who value the unique skills you bring to the table.

4️⃣ #communitysupport : Join a supportive community of individuals who are going through similar career transitions. Engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and find inspiration in the collective journey towards reinvention.

To enroll in “Recession Classes” at #javafest:

  • Register and attend JavaFest
  • On July 15th visit the re-session booth set-up in Christ University and register in-person for the training session and assitance.
    Please note that availability is limited, so early registration is highly recommended.

Join us as we reinvent careers, empower individuals, and seize new opportunities in the face of adversity. Together, let’s turn the recession into a “re-session” of #growth and #success .