Navigating the Data Landscape: From Fundamentals to the Future

by stevemann2705

This session unveils the power of data and its transformative impact on organisations. Join us as we explore key topics, including data-intensive application development, reliable and scalable architectures, diverse data models, query languages, storage and retrieval strategies, replication methods, data pipelines, and future data trends.

Discover why data is crucial for driving business success and innovation. Gain insights into building reliable and scalable applications capable of handling vast amounts of data. Explore different data models such as relational, document, and graph, and learn about their use cases. Delve into query languages and storage options, including in-memory databases, data warehouses, data lakes and lake houses.

Understand data flow models via databases, networks (REST, RPC), and async message passing (Kafka, RabbitMQ). Explore replication techniques, data partitioning strategies, and challenges with transactions in distributed systems. Uncover the significance of data pipelines, batch processing, stream processing, ETL, ELT, and reverse ETL. Look at the ideas behind data platforms and see how different technologies are combined to create strong data ecosystems.

Discover how to leverage your knowledge to create a decentralised and scalable data ecosystem—a data mesh. Issues related to distributed systems, consistency, consensus and data governance will be addressed, shedding light on the challenges and considerations involved. Explore the idea of “Data as a product” with essential aspects of managing and deriving value from data assets. Finally, gain insights into emerging data trends and the future of data applications.

Join us in this session to unlock the potential of data, acquire valuable techniques, and prepare for the future of data-driven innovation.