Muralidhar Rao

Murali is a highly accomplished retired senior executive with over three decades of experience in the global software industry.

Throughout his impressive career, Murali has held several senior management positions, contributing to companies of various sizes. He has worked passionately with technology start-ups, playing an integral role in building innovative products. With a strong background in software product development, Murali has worked with renowned organizations including Tata Motors, CDAC Bangalore, Motorola, @Philips,, vFortress, Azul among others. His experience spans a wide range of technologies, encompassing enterprise applications, parallel and distributed computing, system software, portals, and web applications for online communities.

FUN FACTS: He has seen and experienced it all.

  • Births of - World Wide Web (1989), Linux(1991) , Java(1995) , Google (1998).
  • Two major recessions- Dot-com Bubble Burst (2000), Global Financial Crisis (2008).
  • New terms - Dockers, AI, Blockchains: Bitcoins, Cloud services.
  • Adoption of new-way of work during COVID-19 pandemic.